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leader's speech

leader's speech

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Sino-US Zibo Xinhua-Perrigo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Dear customers and friends,

Welcome to visit our website! I, on behalf of all staff, express our sincere thankfulness and good wishes to all customers, friends and people embracing the same ideal who care and support us all the time.

With high-speed economic development, network information provides a broader space for everyone and unprecedented opportunities for enterprise. I sincerely hope this window become a bridge of our company and colleagues and a link to enhance our friendship and common development.

We will always insist on the concept of “To Be the Most Outstanding Joint Venture in China and the Best OTC (Ibuprofen) Supplier in the World” and the principle of “Behave Honestly, Act Credibly”. Honesty is the basis of our enterprise development, the basic norm of our cooperation, and our enterprise style.

In the spirit of “Passion, Vigor, Professionalism, Innovation”, we will sincerely cooperate with you with sincere service and excellent quality for creating a resplendent future!

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