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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Sino-US Zibo Xinhua-Perrigo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Sino-US Zibo Xinhua-Perrigo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was jointly invested by Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and American Perrigo Pharmaceutical Inc. in 2003. Located in the east of Chemical Industrial Area, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zibo, the company is integrating production, supply and marketing, and one of joint ventures mainly supported by Zibo Municipal Government with good benefit and development prospect.

Now the company has over 190 employees, of whom 80% have college degree or above, and our team is young, vigorous and highly-competent. Our major product is ibuprofen bulk drug, which is all resold to America and mainly used by American Perrigo Co., Ltd.

With good quality management system, the company has been certified to GMP and FDA, and has world-class QC analytical instrument and excellent corporate culture.

The company pursues common progress with the staff and sustainable development, and tries to be the most outstanding joint venture in China and classic OTC (ibuprofen) supplier in the world.

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Zibo Xinhua-Perrigo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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No. 13, Huagong Road, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zibo

No. 1 Lutai Avenue, Zibo High-tech Zone


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