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Ibuprofen API

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Ibuprofen API

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[Product Description]

Common Name: Ibuprofen

Chemical Name: 2-(4-isobutylphenyl) propanoic acid

CAS No.: [15687-27-1]

Structural Formula

Sino-US Zibo Xinhua-Perrigo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Molecular Formula: C13H1802

Molecular Weight: 206.28


Ibuprofen, as a non-steroid broad spectrum anti-inflammatory analgesic, was included into OTC list in 1984.

It is an odorless and tasteless white or light yellow powdery crystal, freely soluble in ethanol, acetone, chloroform, diethyl ether and other organic solvents, and NaOH or Na2CO3 aqueous solution and insoluble in water. Fusing point: 74.35-77.5°C

[Product Quality]

Accord with United States Pharmacopeia, Chinese Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia

QC Lab

QC Lab consists of a 210m2 chemical lab and a 50m2 microbiological lab on the second floor and fourth floor of the complex building respectively, with sufficient testers and equipment. Now the equipment in total value of more than RMB 6 million includes 4 Waters high performance liquid chromatographs, 6 Agilent gas chromatographs, 1 set of Malvern particle size distribution equipment, 2 Metrohm potentiometric titrimeters, 2 moisture titration instruments and 1 Nicolet IR200 infrared spectrometer, which can effectively control quality.

[Packing Specification]

Packed in fiber drum about 100kg, with two-layer PE plastic bag;

Flexible freight bag, 370KG/bag, with one-layer PE plastic bag;

Purchase and Sales Tel: 86-533-2195206 (Fax)

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