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Talent Concept

Talent Concept


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The definition of talents depends on the size of the value created for the society. Everyone should and can become a talent and create greater value for the society.

Talent is a dynamic concept. Now the market competition is very fierce. Today is talent. Tomorrow may not be talent. The company's family should continue to surpass themselves and continuously improve their quality.

The company adheres to the "people-oriented" principle. Since the beginning of its establishment, it has put talents at the center of its efforts, and strives to provide talents with a good opportunity to develop themselves and their careers. Encourage talents to realize their value in the competition and make the greatest contribution to the enterprise. The company's success depends on the teamwork, concerted efforts and dedication of all employees.

The incentive mechanism is a human resource management system with the core content of incentive constraints, employee potential, and dynamic competition: the human resource management system starts from the four aspects of selecting, hiring, educating, and retaining people. Through various training and establishing incentives, Constraints and competition mechanisms, such as competitive employment and optimized portfolios, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, carry out reasonable competition within the enterprise, stimulate the potential of employees, maximize the individual capabilities, enhance employee professionalism and professionalism, enhance corporate cohesion, and promote continuous enterprise development of.

The company has introduced a series of incentive policies in the implementation of performance appraisal for employees, and rewarded the achievements and skills obtained. At present, these performance incentives have been recognized and accepted by all employees. The company's management attaches great importance to communication with employees, comprehensively collects employees' evaluation information on the company, actively organizes improvements, and continuously improves employee satisfaction.

We have always advocated humanistic management. Our human resources development work has always adhered to the talent concept of “respecting people, training people, and achieving people,” insisting on concept innovation and system innovation, and creating a “fair, just, "Openness" atmosphere, the establishment of a set of mechanisms to respect talents, cultivate talents and give full play to personal potential, has ensured the perfection, harmony and unification of the development and growth of the enterprise and the realization of the maximum value of the individual.

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